In our children's ministry we strive to create a safe a fun environment in which to partner with parents to impart a gospel-centered foundation for our children. Our current curriculum is called The Gospel Project, click below to learn more.


In our youth ministry, we seek to continue to build a strong, gospel-centered foundation through learning and studying the Word of God in the context of small group communities, in partnership with parents.


Young Adults

Young adults (about 20-35-year-olds) meet a few times a month at informal fellowship gatherings called Chill Outs. Activities include everything from sports and lunches before the Sunday services to simply spending time together. Find out more about upcoming events at the Chill out Facebook page or UCC calendar.
CONTACT: Anna Pesu anna.k.pesu(at)


The UCC singles ministry seeks to help single men and women in our church understand their identity as singles, how to glorify God in their relationships with the opposite sex and how to apply wisdom as they consider marriage or singleness - through seminars and occasional get-togethers.


Dating & Engaged

At UCC we encourage engaged couples to supplement their marriage preparation through formal premarital counseling, usually consisting of 6 classes with a trained counselor. Visit the Pastoral Care page to request counseling.


Married Couples

The UCC marriage ministry seeks to help married couples experience the growth necessary for a healthy marriage, and to tackle the issues that hold us back from glorifying God in our marriages.   Currently we hold a monthly Marriage Refreshment seminar for couples (babysitting and lunch provided).



On the last Saturday of each month the men at UCC get together for a time characterized by practical teaching and meaningful small group discussions over breakfast.


Normally on the first Saturday of each month the ladies at UCC get together for a time characterized by practical teaching and meaningful small group discussions over brunch.



UCC recognizes that parents often struggle at various stages of raising their kids in a Godly way.  This is why we endeavor to bring parents together for sharing, praying, and for teaching on parenting. Courses are organized occasionally as needed.  

Life Story

We all have brokenness in our lives. In order to continue to grow as disciples and healthily embrace the present we need to seek God's healing. Life story is an 8 week program of teaching, prayer, and sharing that will help you to move forward.

To learn more about ministry happenings & times check the church calendar, join us on Facebook, or email: