The Tower of Babel

Dear UCC Parents,

This week our kids studied the story of the tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9).
The story of the Tower of Babel helps us understand the devastating effects of sin. Even after God had destroyed all life on earth through the flood and graciously saved Noah's family and the animals, it wasn’t long before people disobeyed God again.

God instructed Noah to spread out and fill the earth. Instead, people decided it best to settle. Rather than bringing glory to God by following God’s plan, people decided to glorify themselves. They built a tower to make a name for themselves.

God’s plan to populate the earth following the flood could not be sidetracked. When God confused the languages of the people, they were forced to move away from one another and into people groups and nations bound by single languages. Eventually one of these nations would become God’s chosen people. Through the nation of Israel, Christ would come to save the world.

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