God Tested Abraham

Dear UCC Parents,

God’s story continued this week in The Gospel Project for Kids with the story of God testing Abraham. Imagine being Abraham, trusted in old age with the son God had promised. Now God instructs you to offer your son as a sacrifice. What would go through your mind? The sacrifice of a child was not common among God’s followers, but Abraham obeyed God.

Think about your children. Not only was Abraham obedient to God, Isaac was obedient to his father, likely not knowing what was happening but trusting that his father knew what was best. Isaac was willing and ready to do what his father asked him to do.

God provided a ram as a sacrifice instead of Isaac. This story is a clear depiction of what God was willing to do when He sent Jesus as the sacrifice for the sins of mankind. Jesus was willing to do what was necessary for God’s plan to succeed. God spared Isaac by providing a substitute. Likewise, we need a perfect substitute for our sin; that substitute is Jesus.