Missions Update: Paul & Anniina

This is part two in our series introducing UCC missionaries. In this post Paul and Anniina answer these three questions:

  1. Who are you?
  2. A praise?
  3. What are your plans for this Christmas?

Paul & Anniina, Lumiana, Nolan

1) We are Paul (UK), Anniina (FIN), Lumiana (3) and Nolan (1). We lived in Helsinki and were actively part of UCC in 2008-2009 as a newly wedded couple. We then moved to Thailand, sent by UCC, to church plant on a touristy island. We lived there for 4,5 years, and moved to England in January this year. Paul did a half a year course of Biblical and Ministry Studies. We then were asked to stay here to help with a new church plant, which is what we are doing now. So we are in this exciting and challenging stage of seeing a church being started. We want to be "fully here", investing into this phase of life, being trained, mentored, learning from this kind of planting of a church (bigger, structured church versus our little Home Church that we had in Thailand!). At the same time we wouldn't be surprised if at some point in the future God would have it in His mind to send us to church plant some where else now with a little bit of more experience than what we had when we first went to Thailand. He knows! But as for now: We are looking forward to seeing God transforming lives here in Chippenham, UK.

2) Praise: We thank God for our home, for our children, for friends, for what God is doing in our lives and in the life of the church. We are doing this course in our home for people who would like to know what Christianity is about, and it's exciting to see how God has orchestrated the right people to come in for the course. He is so obviously calling them to himself. 

3) Christmas plans: Do an evangelistic Carol Service in our church, go and help with Christmas Day Dinner for the poor and homeless at Salvation Army, and share the amazing season with family, friends and the lonely, enjoying first colder Christmas in 7 years!!!!



To learn more about UCC missionaries and what they do, to receive their personal updates, or to support them financially, you can contact the UCC missions coordinator (Sanna) via email at: info@ucclife.fi.