Missions Update: The Kononens

This is part three in our series introducing UCC missionaries. In this post Heikki and Erica Kononen who are in the Philippines answer these three questions:

  1. Who are you?
  2. A praise?
  3. What are your plans for this Christmas?

A special prayer request for the Kononens and their community at the moment is the tropical storm raging in the country. 


1) We are the Kononens - Heikki, Erica, Sabina and Hugo.  We are currently working in the OM Manila. Our ministries are the following:

  1. Teaching in the church-organized Alternative Learning System. Students are comprised of believers who come from very poor backgrounds.  They were unable to finish high school because of poverty.  Now they want to get a national high school certification organized by the government so they can go to college or to university.
  2. Youth discipleship among young believers in the Youth Life Student Center (YLSC). YLSC is a local hangout place for university students in the area so there are also non-believers we share the Gospel to. However, our work there is mainly playing big brother and big sister to the youth who are new in their walk with Christ.
  3. Discipleship of youth leaders in Fishport Church. Heikki is leading a group of youth leaders so that they can also disciple the new youth believers in the church. He holds Bible studies with them.
  4. OM Philippines finance ministry. Erica is helping out OM Philippines with its finances. Her main job is to make sure all expenses are reported correctly and allotted well. This makes sure that there is accountability with the money being entrusted to the organization.
  5. Teaching in Faith Academy. Heikki is a volunteer substitute teacher in an international boarding school for missionary kids whose parents are all over Asia. He ministers to the kids as their parents are busy with their own ministries all over the continent.
  6. Bible Studies. Heikki is doing guided self-study of the Word.

2) We are grateful for the team of prayer partners, financial supporters and churches behind us. We really feel their love and concern for our family. We also know we have been blessed with their prayer covering. 

3) Heikki's family is visiting so we plan to show them around.  We also plan to do sports because that is how our family relaxes.



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To learn more about UCC missionaries and what they do, to receive their personal updates, or to support them financially, you can contact the UCC missions coordinator (Sanna) via email at: info@ucclife.fi.