Missions Update: Sofia

This is the last part in our series introducing UCC missionaries. It is Sofia's turn to answer these three questions:

  1. Who are you?
  2. A praise?
  3. What are your plans for this Christmas?


1. I am Sofia. I've grown up in the countryside of Western Finland in a very Finnish family with my parents and my big brother who is three years older than me. I am going to be 23 years old on the 27th of this month. I have had a passion to teach the Bible since I was fifteen years old. After high school I moved to Helsinki to study theology and at the beginning of my second year of studies in 2011 I started going to UCC. It became my church family right away.

After my third year of studies I decided to take a break and do a Discipleship Training School in Toowoomba Australia. While being there last autumn God confirmed my heart about my passion to teach His Word and I literally fell in love with God and the Bible. God showed me how I was planning my life and He showed me what He had planned for me; what an incredible life He wanted to give me. So, long story short, God asked me to start from scratch, to study every book of the Bible and to make sure that I have a clear conviction both in my mind and in my heart of who God is.  On the second week of DTS God spoke to me about coming to England and around November last year it was crystal clear that I should leave my studies in Finland and go to Nuneaton, England to do a School of Biblical Studies. That is what I have been doing since September this year at the YWAM King's Lodge.

During this time God has confirmed my heart about that I want to help people to see more of Him and to see themselves through God. I want to mentor people and to walk side by side with them as they come to know their God more deeply and as they grow and step out in the calling and gifts that God has spoken over their lives. I want to see value and identity restored and I want to see families being built up together in God.

2. During the past year I have been blown away by the faithfulness and goodness of God. He really wants to give us life in abundance. God holds everything together and in my life I can see how He has protected me through everything; He has literally held me together. I know that everything that I have and all of who I am is only because of God.

I am so beyond blessed. This autumn God has given me the most precious gift that I can have in this life: someone to walk this journey with, someone with whom I can work together for the kingdom of God. This someone is my boyfriend Chris. It is just amazing how God has placed the same dreams in our hearts and how together we can show the love of God in such better ways than we could ever do by ourselves. We can't wait for what God has in store for us. Every day is such a blessing and there are countless reasons to praise God for how much He gives to us and how He invites us to do the work of His kingdom with Him.

3. My Christmas holiday starts tonight. I am so excited and so ready to have a break from studies after receiving and learning so much this term. I will fly to Finland on the 21st of December and I will spend Christmas in my hometown, seeing family and friends. My boyfriend Chris will join me on the 26th and we will spend time with my family and friends, and just relaxing and enjoying Finnish things together. Hopefully there will be lots of snow and we get to go ice skating and skiing and we can make snow angels. Sauna and ice swimming are definitely on the list!
For New Years we will go to Helsinki and we will spend time with my closest friends and with people from UCC! I am incredibly excited about that. It will be wonderful!

I wish you all a very peaceful Christmastime. Find rest in our amazing God and marvel together at the greatness of His love for us.



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To learn more about UCC missionaries and what they do, to receive their personal updates, or to support them financially, you can contact the UCC missions coordinator (Sanna) via email at: info@ucclife.fi.