The Israelites Cross the Red Sea

Dear UCC Parents,

This week our kids learned more about the Exodus and how God led His people out of Egypt and through the waters of the Red Sea.

After being slaves in Egypt for hundreds of years, the Israelite people were finally free. It sure didn’t take them long after they left Egypt to start complaining about their circumstances! Think of a time you have faced difficult circumstances and you didn’t respond the way you should have. What could you have done differently?

Trapped between a great expanse of water and an approaching army, Moses again—by God’s help—led the Israelite people to victory. God used Moses to part the waters, allowing His people to walk through on dry ground. Imagine the scene. Pretend with your kids that you are standing on the banks of the sea when it begins to split apart. Talk about what you would be feeling. How would the air smell? How would the ground feel?

God created a way for the Israelite people to escape the harsh treatment of the Egyptian taskmasters. Just as God provided a way of salvation for His people from Egypt, He does the same for His people today. God provided physical salvation for the Israelites, but today, He offers spiritual salvation through the person of Jesus Christ.

Bible passages to read together this week: Exodus 13:17-17:7