Dear UCC Parents,

This week in The Gospel Project, your kids heard one amazing story of a talking animal. God actually gave an animal, a donkey, the ability to speak for a brief moment in order to make a point to one impromptu prophet. Balaam was hired by the king to pronounce a curse on the Israelites. Balaam headed out but his donkey kept running him into walls and crevices. After beating the donkey, Balaam heard the donkey speak. Shortly thereafter Balaam learned that he had no choice but to say what God wanted him to say and nothing else. After repeatedly blessing the Israelites instead of cursing them, Balaam lost favor with the king.

Who protected God’s people? God always protects His people. Fourteen hundred years after Balaam predicted Jesus’ birth, wise men from the east came to visit the boy Jesus.

NEXT WEEK: We begin our journey towards Easter Sunday as we look at the story of Jesus' Triumphal Entry. Set aside some time this week in your homes to read one of the following passages together: Matthew 21:1-17; Mark 11:1-11; Luke 19:28-44 or John 12:12-19. For our older kids, try to look at all four accounts of the story that the authors of the gospels have written them and discuss the similarities and differences together.