Missions Update: Paul & Anniina

Hi UCC, 

Greetings from England!
This is Paul, Anniina, Lumiana (3) and Nolan (1), churchplanting in Chippenham, UK. 

It's been a fruitful start for this New Year. Through joys and sorrows God has been very close to us, renewing and increasing passion for him and desire for everyone to know Christ! Trinity Chippenham church is growing in number and in relationships as we learn how to do church together. Paul is co-leading a Life Group, and Anniina is coordinating Sunday Church Services and meeting regularly with women. We have Open House each Monday, which is a great way to connect with people. It's been joy to see people becoming interested in Jesus and see how they are responding to God's love and calling.

Thanks for praying for us and Trinity Chippenham so that we, individually and together, would always seek God first and want to be led by him in everything!
Love in Christ, 

The R’s



Paul and Anniina with their children Lumiana and Nolan are currently church planting in Chippenham, UK. They were sharing at UCC on their last visit to Finland in March.

To learn more about UCC missionaries and what they do, to receive their personal updates, or to support them financially, you can contact the UCC missions coordinator (Sanna) via email at: info@ucclife.fi.