Jesus Appeared to Many People

Dear UCC Parents,

This week’s Bible story picked up where last week’s Bible story left off. After Jesus’ resurrection, He graciously appeared to the disciples, proving that He was alive. Even though Jesus had told His disciples that He would die and rise again, they believed by seeing.

Talk about how the disciples must have felt when Jesus appeared in the locked room with them. Jesus told them not to be afraid! To prove that He had a real, physical body, Jesus let them touch His hands. He even ate some fish! Jesus gave the disciples the Holy Spirit and equipped them to proclaim the gospel.

The resurrection is essential to the gospel. If Christ remained dead, His death would have meant nothing more than any other human being’s. God gives us victory over death through Jesus. Emphasize to your kids that Christians have a special purpose: to tell others that Jesus is alive!

Have a blessed week!

We will begin a new step in our journey. In the next unit of the Gospel Project for Kids we will be looking at the story of Joshua and his leading the people of Israel into the Promised Land. We will look at themes of trust and obedience, worship, prayer and serving God.

Luke 24:46-47