The Israelites Crossed the Jordan River

Dear UCC Parents,

Thank you for continuing this journey of The Gospel Project for Kids®. This week's Bible story took place chronologically after the death of Moses. The Israelites had reached the edge of the promised land. God called Joshua to lead the people, and He promised to be with Joshua every step of the way. God would lift up Joshua in front of all the Israelites so they would know that God would be with Joshua just as He had been with Moses.

The Israelites reached the Jordan River during flood season. With the river overflowing its banks, the Jordan River would have been as difficult to cross as the Red Sea! God gave Joshua specific instructions concerning the crossing, and Joshua obeyed. The Israelites crossed the Jordan River on dry ground. God told Joshua to tell the leaders of the tribes to gather 12 stones from the middle of the Jordan River, one for each tribe. When they reached their camp at Gilgal, Joshua made an altar to the Lord and set up the stones as a memorial.

What should God’s people remember? God’s people should remember how He saves and sustains them. The cross is our reminder of what Jesus has done for us: a miraculous and unmerited saving we could never do for ourselves.

We will be looking at the battle of Jericho and how God fight's for his people. Take time to look at Joshua chapters 2 and 6 with your family this week.

Joshua 24:15