Missions Update: Kononens

Dear UCC,

We are the Kononens and we are in our 8th month of our mission here in Manila.  Right now, we are doing Bible Studies with the women and youth of a church plant called Fishport.  Erica is also the Operations Controller of OM Manila which means she deals with the finances.  Heikki substitutes in a school for missionary kids called Faith Academy.  He also attends a Bible Study course called Expositors Academy.  On our off time, we share the Gospel to everyone we meet. Our ministry in Youth Life Student Center where we disciple young believers is on summer break.

We are ending our mission in July, so please pray for a fruitful few months ahead. We have had moments of sadness and stress but also great days of joy.

Thanks for your support and prayers. We appreciate it.

God bless,
The Kononens



The Kononens - Heikki, Erica with their kids Sabina and Hugo are currently working with OM (Operation Mobilisation) in Manila, the Philippines.