Missions Update: The Navis

We are leading a month long staff training for the staff of the Summer DTS starting in June. We have five staff members working with us in the DTS. We are past the midpoint in our four week staff training. We really enjoy equipping the staff and preparing the school together with them. We are continually pleased by how humble our staff is and how hungry for God and purity they are. 

We are glad to say that the DTS is starting soon! On June 9th all of our students will be arriving. We currently have eight students but are expecting a few more to come yet. We start with an orientation week followed by our first week of teaching which will be on the "Character & Nature of God". God is going to be doing big things in the lives of the students during these six months and we are excited to be part of it.

Prayer requests:

  • Praise that staff training is going fantastically and that we have good unity in the staff.

  • Please continue to pray with us that God would touch the hearts of those He is calling to be students in the DTS.

  • Pray that God would prepare the hearts of those coming to the DTS that they would be open to what God wants to do in their lives during the school."



Annu and Josh Navis work with an organization called Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Evijärvi, Finland. They lead a six month long bible schools called DTS (Discipleship Training School). Their heart is in discipling and raising leaders.

To learn more about UCC missionaries and what they do, to receive their personal updates, or to support them financially, you can contact the UCC missions coordinator (Sanna) via email at: info@ucclife.fi.

Missions Update: Kononens

Dear UCC,

We are the Kononens and we are in our 8th month of our mission here in Manila.  Right now, we are doing Bible Studies with the women and youth of a church plant called Fishport.  Erica is also the Operations Controller of OM Manila which means she deals with the finances.  Heikki substitutes in a school for missionary kids called Faith Academy.  He also attends a Bible Study course called Expositors Academy.  On our off time, we share the Gospel to everyone we meet. Our ministry in Youth Life Student Center where we disciple young believers is on summer break.

We are ending our mission in July, so please pray for a fruitful few months ahead. We have had moments of sadness and stress but also great days of joy.

Thanks for your support and prayers. We appreciate it.

God bless,
The Kononens



The Kononens - Heikki, Erica with their kids Sabina and Hugo are currently working with OM (Operation Mobilisation) in Manila, the Philippines.

Missions Update: Paul & Anniina

Hi UCC, 

Greetings from England!
This is Paul, Anniina, Lumiana (3) and Nolan (1), churchplanting in Chippenham, UK. 

It's been a fruitful start for this New Year. Through joys and sorrows God has been very close to us, renewing and increasing passion for him and desire for everyone to know Christ! Trinity Chippenham church is growing in number and in relationships as we learn how to do church together. Paul is co-leading a Life Group, and Anniina is coordinating Sunday Church Services and meeting regularly with women. We have Open House each Monday, which is a great way to connect with people. It's been joy to see people becoming interested in Jesus and see how they are responding to God's love and calling.

Thanks for praying for us and Trinity Chippenham so that we, individually and together, would always seek God first and want to be led by him in everything!
Love in Christ, 

The R’s



Paul and Anniina with their children Lumiana and Nolan are currently church planting in Chippenham, UK. They were sharing at UCC on their last visit to Finland in March.

To learn more about UCC missionaries and what they do, to receive their personal updates, or to support them financially, you can contact the UCC missions coordinator (Sanna) via email at: info@ucclife.fi.


It's again the time to join a Small Group and find a Team to serve in on Sundays!

We're thankful to have many people volunteering in UCC every Sunday. But we'd also love to see more people stepping up and taking responsibility this year. In Helsinki the primary needs are in the Kitchen team, Nursery / Sunday School team and the Prayer team. See "Locations" and select your location to sign up or to ask for more information.

We have a great collection of Small Groups where hopefully everyone can find one suiting their life situation. See the updated list of Small Groups here: http://www.ucclife.fi/small-group-list

Christmas Day Fellowship

UCC is having a Christmas Day Fellowship at the Leppävaara Youth Center (Veräjäpellonkatu 6c) at 15:00. There will be a potluck meal (bring something to share if you are able/want) singing and fellowship.

We will be providing rides to and from the Aalto campus from 14:45 in front of Alepa in Otaniemi. Please call 0440920031 to register a ride.

Missions Update: Navis

This is part four in our series introducing UCC missionaries. In this post Josh and Annukka who are missionaries in Finland answer these three questions:

  1. Who are you?
  2. A praise?
  3. What are your plans for this Christmas?

Josh & Annukka Navis

1) We are missionaries in Finland. Josh was born and raised in Michigan, US, and Annukka is Finnish. We met in 2013 while Josh was doing missions in Finland and were married in early 2014. We are now in ministry with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) together.

Our heart is in discipling and raising the next generation of Christian leaders. Starting in 2015 we will be leading a YWAM Discipleship Training Schools in Ruurikkala, Evijärvi, Finland. This six month school challenges young people to grow in their relationship with Jesus and equips them to reach out to those around them with God's love. Leading the school gives us an opportunity to invest in the students and staff and to see God transform lives.

Please continue to lift us up in prayer as we seek the Lord's wisdom in leading the school and His guidance in finding new ways to reach out to people both in Finland and abroad. 

2) God has proven His faithfulness to us over and over again by blessing us financially and providing us everything we need. Since Annukka quit her paid job this summer and stepped into full time ministry together with Josh, God has been bringing people into our life who want to be part of our ministry in prayer and financially. We are so thankful for all these supporters enabling us to work with YWAM, but most of all thankful to God for His faithfulness in taking care of His children! Matthew 6:25-34.

3) Our Christmas will be filled with moving boxes! Right before Christmas we will pack our earthly belongings into a truck and drive six hours north from Helsinki to our new home in Evijärvi. This is where we will be leading a YWAM school next year. We are excited! After the move, we will have a chance to celebrate Christmas with our family, eat well and relax a bit.



Read the earlier parts of this series introducing UCC missionaries:

  1. Paul and Anniina
  2. The Kononens

To learn more about UCC missionaries and what they do, to receive their personal updates, or to support them financially, you can contact the UCC missions coordinator (Sanna) via email at: info@ucclife.fi.

ATI Update

Agricola Theological Institute (ATI) is a joint, UCC and Espoon Kotikirkko, church based training institute that aims to glorify God by helping to restore theology to the heart of the church by preparing pastor theologians and preparing Christians to think theologically.

The new academic year started at the end of August with 7 students taking the 3 year diploma and 4 students participating in at least 1 or more single courses. The term kicked off with an intensive week of Gospel Identity lead by adjunct lecturer Dr Preston Pearce. Other courses that have been completed are Hermeneutics (the art and science of interpretation) and a Study Skills course aimed at equipping the students to get the most out of their studies. 

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Missions Update: The Kononens

This is part three in our series introducing UCC missionaries. In this post Heikki and Erica Kononen who are in the Philippines answer these three questions:

  1. Who are you?
  2. A praise?
  3. What are your plans for this Christmas?

A special prayer request for the Kononens and their community at the moment is the tropical storm raging in the country. 


1) We are the Kononens - Heikki, Erica, Sabina and Hugo.  We are currently working in the OM Manila. Our ministries are the following:

  1. Teaching in the church-organized Alternative Learning System. Students are comprised of believers who come from very poor backgrounds.  They were unable to finish high school because of poverty.  Now they want to get a national high school certification organized by the government so they can go to college or to university.
  2. Youth discipleship among young believers in the Youth Life Student Center (YLSC). YLSC is a local hangout place for university students in the area so there are also non-believers we share the Gospel to. However, our work there is mainly playing big brother and big sister to the youth who are new in their walk with Christ.
  3. Discipleship of youth leaders in Fishport Church. Heikki is leading a group of youth leaders so that they can also disciple the new youth believers in the church. He holds Bible studies with them.
  4. OM Philippines finance ministry. Erica is helping out OM Philippines with its finances. Her main job is to make sure all expenses are reported correctly and allotted well. This makes sure that there is accountability with the money being entrusted to the organization.
  5. Teaching in Faith Academy. Heikki is a volunteer substitute teacher in an international boarding school for missionary kids whose parents are all over Asia. He ministers to the kids as their parents are busy with their own ministries all over the continent.
  6. Bible Studies. Heikki is doing guided self-study of the Word.

2) We are grateful for the team of prayer partners, financial supporters and churches behind us. We really feel their love and concern for our family. We also know we have been blessed with their prayer covering. 

3) Heikki's family is visiting so we plan to show them around.  We also plan to do sports because that is how our family relaxes.



Read the previous part of this series introducing UCC missionaries: Paul and Anniina

To learn more about UCC missionaries and what they do, to receive their personal updates, or to support them financially, you can contact the UCC missions coordinator (Sanna) via email at: info@ucclife.fi.


Discipleship Update

This fall has seen lots of discipleship related activity in UCC. 

The Bible Doctrine Class, which ran in September and October, was well attended. Participants enjoyed the systematic overview of the main doctrines of the Bible based on Wayne Grudem’s standard work: Bible Doctrine. 

A new course, the Life Skills Course, was just launched on November 10th. This practical series covers topics such as: Healthy Diet, Time Management, Technology Management, Relationships, Personal Finances and Spirituality. There is enough room for more to join any particular session of interest.

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Life Skills Course

UCC is launching an exciting new course! The Life Skills Course is a practical teaching series that will instill wisdom and bring more order to your personal life. Different UCC members will share their expertise about issues that are part and parcel of our every day lives. You can join for the whole course or just take those sessions that interest you.

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Marriage Preparation Course

This November at UCC we will begin a marriage preparation course. The course from Alpha UK is perfect for seriously dating and engaged couples to get to know each other better and better prepare them for marriage. This time we also make it available for newly married couples.

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CV and Interviewing Hands-on Workshop

UCC will be hosting the following Workshop at our Otaniemi campus (Tekniikaantie 12-Innopoli 1) on Wednesday October 1 at 18:00

Hands-on training with CV Critiques and Mock Interviews.
-Rob Curtis, Senior Project Manager at F-Secure
-Martin Kallenbach, VP Head of Shared Services at Tieto
-Nathalie Kuosa, CFO Profit Software

There is some (optional) pre-work for the session so contact Rob Curtis (rcurtis8@gmail.com) for details.

Young Adult Chill Outs are a great place to connect

If you're new to UCC, and you're around 20 - 35 years old, a great way to connect with other young adults in UCC are the Chill Out gatherings. A few times a month we gather together to play sports, for BBQ, for a lunch before the service, or just to hang out and discuss together.

Check out the upcoming Chill Outs from the calendar! And do check the Facebook page to know more https://www.facebook.com/groups/UCC.chill.out/ ! Feel free to make your own posts on the Facebook page if you want to organize something and invite others along. You can also contact Magdalena Eklöf via email maddeeklof(at)gmail.com.

Sign up for serving and small groups

You can still sign up for a small group and find a place to serve in one of our Sunday teams!

In UCC Helsinki we're still lacking few people from the Kitchen team, from the Communion team and from the Nursery / Sunday school team. If you think you could serve about once a month, please sign up! And yes, we are flexible with dates!

Find the list of all our small groups as well as other useful info at our small groups page.

To sign-up to serve, fill out one of the forms below: