Faith Beyond the Grave

Faith is not just wishful thinking. Faith is a gift from God. Our faith has therefore a supernatural dimension to it. Faith is being sure. It is a conviction given to us by God’s Spirit. It’s a conviction of the reality of the unseen world.

Small group study (PDF)

Harmony: More Than Tolerance

"Welcoming and accepting one another creates room for personal growth.”

In this sermon we looked at Paul’s vision for life of the church, especially in terms of relationships. We looked at the reasons for the division in the church in Rome. Paul tells the churchgoers to take steps towards reconciliation. It was argued that if the people eventually would do this, a certain kind of dynamic would emerge. A dynamic which creates room for real, loving relationships and also for personal growth.

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Love is Patient

This Sunday we will be looking at the virtue of patience as a follow up on the love theme from 1 Corinthians 13 that we looked at in last Sunday's sermon.  Patience is part of God's nature and if we walk closely with Him, trusting Him in all circumstances, patience in our behavior is one way that will show this.

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